Your Budget Breakdown for the Eastern Europe Trip, and How You Could Save More

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Undertaking a visit to the Eastern Europe requires a smaller vacation budget than most destinations. Typical daily costs in the area include an average of $43 for food, $70 for accommodations, $24 for entertainment, $20 for souvenirs, $43 for general living expenses and $34 for health care. There are a number of things you can do lessen those costs and make your vacation budget in the Eastern Europe stretch further. Here are some ways to lighten the burden on your wallet in Europe.

1. Find Inexpensive Airfare


Getting a direct flight to the Eastern Europe is not difficult since lots major airports as well as smaller ones service the metro area. Finding an inexpensive flight requires a little more work, but it is very much possible. The key is being flexible with your departure times. You can fly cheaper on a weekday than on a weekend and an overnight flight is a cost effective alternative to a daytime departure.

2. Save on Where and When You Sleep


Many hotels in the Eastern Europe can cost you $40-50 each day you spend there. It is possible to get a discount in accommodations, depending on when or where you make your trip to the Eastern Europe. Some hotels offer rate discounts during certain months of the year. Others offer lower-cost rooms starting as low as $20 per night. There is also the option of staying at small hostels. These units offer community accommodations at a price comparable to a couple of large pizzas. Another good option is to stay in an actual home as opposed to a hotel. Such vacation rentals offer plenty of perks for a traveler.

3. Eat Smart

Eat Smart

We are not talking about healthy eating here. What we are talking about is paying attention to where and when you decide to get your next meal. A good option is to grab a pretzel or a hot dog at a street vendor. It is high quality food compared to what you might find in other cities, and the prices are reasonable. Eating at a deli or a lunch counter is another viable option. These establishments offer huge sandwiches at smaller prices. Trying local specialties at ethnic restaurants is a way to incorporate variety in an inexpensive way.

4. Look out for Inexpensive Attractions


Sightseeing in the Eastern Europe does not have to break the bank. One of the most popular area attractions is also one that does not cost a penny.

The bottom line is that every tourist to the Eastern Europe can have a rewarding stay in Europe, no matter how big or small his or her budget is. Creating memorable vacation experiences in the Eastern Europe does not require a person to break the piggy bank.

Annie is the serial blogger writing for Dobovo, the free app to pick Odessa apartments on your next trip to Eastern Europe.

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Your Budget Breakdown for the Eastern Europe Trip, and How You Could Save More, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings